We are the Lewandowski family and we're building a new house from the ground up. Our goal is to build a comfortable and efficient green home that works for our family. We want to prove that building green is the right choice for the environment, our lives and our pocketbook.

We invite you to come follow us during our adventure and learn along with us, how to build and live green.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our GC's Assistant

Our son Jack couldn't find a summer job. This poses a problem because he likes to spend money and we like to keep ours, so we hired him for Tom, our general contractor. He has been Tom's assistant on the house. This means he runs errands and does a lot of clean up around the constructions site. He's been pretty responsible about it and is doing a good job. He hasn't complained about getting up earlier than noon on the weekends (He is a teenager after all!) to go with Tony to sweep up, sort wood, etc. Since he was a little boy he liked to build things, use tools, create and construct. For a 16 year old he has some skills! The past two summers he's gone on a week long mission trip to an impoverished area in the Appalachian Mountains with our church and an organization called ASP. He's been working on construction projects to help people fix their homes. I think he likes the work and knows he has made a difference in the lives of families that do not live a life as fortunate as we do. Definitely a noble thing. When we went to check out the framing for the second floor, we walked through the house talking about what will go where. It's always helpful to visualize everything. You know, to get the big picture with your minds eye. As usual I was snapping away with the camera. The top picture is Jack using his minds eye in his bathroom. Guess what he's standing in front of? Sometimes that kid cracks me up!

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