We are the Lewandowski family and we're building a new house from the ground up. Our goal is to build a comfortable and efficient green home that works for our family. We want to prove that building green is the right choice for the environment, our lives and our pocketbook.

We invite you to come follow us during our adventure and learn along with us, how to build and live green.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chicago Magazine and WGN Radio

Last month Tony and I were invited to our friend Kevin Williams' company holiday party.  We've gone before and it's always a fun evening.  We struck up a conversation with Dennis Rodkin, a journalist for Chicago Magazine and significant other to Kevin's star attorney, Jessica.  He was interested in our house and you know us, we love to talk about it!  This past week we gave him a tour of the house while he interviewed us and took photos for an article in Chicago Magazine on-line. I was glad Tom Molidor was able to make it for the interview too.  If you would like to read it, click HERE.

Dennis also asked Tony to be part of an interview with John Williams of WGN radio.  Tony did a great job sharing some of what he's learned about building green.  If you would like to hear the interview, click HERE.

Thank you Dennis for helping us spread the word about building green!

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