We are the Lewandowski family and we're building a new house from the ground up. Our goal is to build a comfortable and efficient green home that works for our family. We want to prove that building green is the right choice for the environment, our lives and our pocketbook.

We invite you to come follow us during our adventure and learn along with us, how to build and live green.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The fence is up, all permits are applied for, we've got an agreement with the Village, had our pre-construction inspection and we're still waiting. What for? That's a good question!
Last week we worked out an understanding with the Village. To get things started we would get approval to proceed using their dissipation system but continue to negotiate a greener alternative. We need to trust each other. Tony worked everything out with their engineer, we got a verbal "OK, looks good" and then our Jack (16 with a new drivers license) drove to Tony's office to pick up plans and then delivered them to LG'S Building and Zoning so they could forward them to their engineer. We are going to trust each other, work as a team and get this project going! Guess where the drawings were yesterday morning.... still sitting in their office! My understanding is they wanted to see how much more we owe them, get us to pay the bill and then they will give the drawings to the engineer for his approval. Except they neglected to tell us. So another week go by waiting. We've already paid them quite a bit and isn't the understanding that the bill be paid in full before permits are issued anyway? That's usually how it works. When have we not paid our bills? So much for trust.

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