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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Glad this week is over...

After our house sold we had to move out quickly. We needed a rental and there aren't to many available in late November that will take two dogs. Our lovely realtor, Dawn Foran, found us the only one in La Grange that would take dogs and was reasonably priced. We snapped it up. This place is a trip, to say the least! Having lived in new construction or renovated homes for most of my life you get used to things a certain way. Things that when I was going up we're extravagances are now considered necessities; like a microwave, a self-cleaning oven, a dishwasher and a wash machine that actually works without having to stand over it. Anyone who knows me knows I like things tidy and everything in its place. That's not necessarily so in this house. We're a bit crammed in. The dressers don't fit in the bedrooms (so they are lined up in the dining room), there is only one shower (our last house had 4), Jack's head just barely clears the ceiling in his basement bedroom, the kitchen sink leaks, it's drafty, there is glitter on the dining room ceiling that has bright orange walls, only 3 windows open on the first floor, there is no heat in the second floor bedrooms, funny electrical issues and ducky curtains in the kitchen. The list is small! So I've decided to give up the idea of order and as long as it's clean, I will accept it for what it is... a temporary home until we move. Now construction has started on the block. The Village is replacing the sewer system so the street is torn up and down the whole block. It has rained buckets this week, so with that comes mud! We can handle a little construction, right? I need to get over it, but the only think I can't get over is the plumbing! A few weeks back we had a small flood in part of the basement. It was clean water with some tree roots. In old houses it happens. Our landlord is a very nice man. He was here and on it in no time The pipes were roded out and everything was cleaned up. Then it happened again! Last Tuesday Evan and I sorted the laundry all over the floor and wouldn't you know it, the same corner of the basement flooded and our clothes were floating in it. This time it was stinky, gross, disgusting sewage.... YUCK! Thank God the landlord was on it right away. We only lost about $250 worth of stuff. Not too bad, considering. I've spend most of my week dealing with plumbers and clean-up crews. I sure hope this is the end of it so I can go back to laughing about this place and not swearing about it!

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