We are the Lewandowski family and we're building a new house from the ground up. Our goal is to build a comfortable and efficient green home that works for our family. We want to prove that building green is the right choice for the environment, our lives and our pocketbook.

We invite you to come follow us during our adventure and learn along with us, how to build and live green.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Other Architect...

This is Darleen Stirn. (D, I hope you don't mind I borrowed your picture from Facebook.) She is a very talented architect with LEED credentials, married to an architect, a mom of three beautiful girls and my friend. I'm happy to report that she is going to be on board with our project. Tony and I are working together on the floor plan and he will be putting together the drawings. After that, they go to Darleen for review, she will revise as needed, stamps them and then they're off to the Village of La Grange for construction approval. I love working with her because she gets me. A few weeks ago she came over and helped me work on the flow of the house. We had a very helpful brainstorming session, fueled by lots of coffee, which made it easier for me to explain my ideas to Tony. That was very helpful! She is going to be involved in other aspects of our project but more on that as we go along. Glad your on board Darleen!

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